Katy Allen MBE

Katy Allen MBE

It was while climbing to the top of Mount Kilimanjaro Katy Allen made the decision to give up her career as a London lawyer and dedicate her life to educating children and teachers in Tanzania. At the age of thirty-six, she left a promising career, her comfortable home, family and friends, and moved 5,000 miles to teach in Tanzania's Mshiri Village. She was funded by her own resources. There were no sponsors, no grants, no government support.


Nine months after moving to Tanzania, in the autumn of 1994, Education East Africa was born.


While getting the charity off the ground Katy lived in one room without running water or electricity. This went on for seven years. When she exhausted her own financial resources, friends and family helped her raise funds to keep work in the village schools going. Katy wrote letters, articles, speeches, teaching materials and textbooks. She mastered Swahili. She recruited and trained volunteers and staff. She regularly met education officials and members of the Tanzanian government. She inspired individuals, groups and organisations to share her vision.


In 2001 she was awarded the MBE (Member of the Order of the British Empire) for her services to education in Tanzania.


Over two decades later Katy continues raising the awareness, funds and enthusiasm required to keep Education East Africa a viable, effective Charity-of-Valour. We are blessed with a small, passionate, highly resourceful team of volunteers and educators.

Dilly Mtui Education East Africa

Prominent Tanzanian educator Dilly Mtui shares Katy’s vision and dedication as the coordinator of our many projects in Tanzania. This includes the Whole School Development Programme in Mabogini, Arusha Chini, Mamire and Endakiso wards. He also directs our vocational training, building and transport operations.

For over thirty years, Dilly was a much-loved primary school teacher and head teacher. In 1999 the government kindly released him from his duties allowing him to work with Katy full-time.

Dilly’s calm ability to cope with all irons in the fire, and to handle expenditure and accounting impeccably underlies his passion to help his people.

It is Dilly’s instant rapport with people at all levels and his knowledge of the Tanzanian primary education system which enables us to pursue our long-term commitment as experts in the field of primary education.

Dame Judi Dench

We would not exist without the enthusiasm, commitment and expertise of our talented director, patron, trustees, volunteers, professionals and staff. We are truly fortunate to work with these priceless individuals.


If you would like to join our efforts, kindly drop us a line. There is always a warm place for altruistic people wanting to help advance education in East Africa.

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