Katy on Rwanda TV


Katy talks about our work in Rwanda's primary schools with broadcast journalist Fiona Mbabazi.



Our First Workshop in Rwanda


On Thursday 2nd November 2017 Education East Africa’s partner organization, Support to Primary Education Rwanda (SPER) hosted our first workshop for government and school officials. The workshop was opened by The Honourable Minister for Education. In his speech he praised our work and the use of our books, the New Original English Course (NOEC).


It was the first time an education workshop actually brought the classroom to the capital’s education officials who make the policies and write the curriculum. We brought 20 Primary 1 pupils (7 year olds) from Gasabo primary school, and 20 Primary 1 pupils from Gikomero primary school with their respective teachers Claude and Emima. They gave two mini-lessons as part of the workshop which demonstrated the pupils’ understanding of English including varied and difficult sentence structures. This illustrated what they have learned through NOEC and left no doubt with those in attendance as to the effectiveness of our teaching and learning materials.


In the 30-minute video below, Katy emphasizes the importance of mastering skills in the mother tongue before a second language is taught, and how the teachers can be supported by instructions and explanations in their mother tongue, when they are teaching English as a foreign language. Her presentation demonstrates how the charity’s tried and tested NOEC books are THE tool not only to improve learning by the pupils but also in the very important tasks of training and supporting primary teachers.



The next four videos contain highlights from the workshop, including opening statements from the Minister of Education and demonstrations from some of our teachers and pupils. 



If you can't make it to one of our classrooms, we bring the classroom to you with before and after clips in the video below. 


Production Notes on Above Video 


We added surtitles and subtitles to help explain what you’re seeing. Where you see ‘SPER,’ this refers to us. In Rwanda, our project is called Support to Primary Education Rwanda, or SPER for short. Education East Africa is SPER.


In the first half of the video we’re observing the class before introducing The New Original English Course (NOEC) This is how most primary school pupils are taught English in Africa. In the second half of the video, you will see the teachers and pupils using our NOEC books, with accompanying wall charts. Notice how much easier it is for everyone when there’s a real life connection with the words they are asked to learn. This is why we are desperate to get NOEC into every primary school in Rwanda. 


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