Here's Katy's Story, our 40-page booklet detailing the history of Education East Africa, up to present day Rwanda. You can read it three ways: Click on the Flip Book below and peruse it right here on our website, or download the PDF below the Flip Book and read it on your device. We're also happy to mail you a hard copy, if you prefer. Simply drop us a line at Katy(at)EducationEastAfrica(dot)org and will send you Katy's Story in the post.


Download Katy's Story HERE
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Download Katy's CV HERE
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Education East Africa

Welcome to our library. Have a nose around. You'll find a stack of reading material chronicling our work up to 2015.

For current reports and analysis, please see our REPORTS page here.


These reports, speeches, papers and articles are neatly catalogued for your consideration. Everything is organised in convenient PDF format, along with Flip Book options. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view the PDFs. Acrobat is free software from Adobe. If you don't have it, or would like the latest version, please follow this link